Green Printing

willprint shepparton

After many years as a certified SGP (Sustainable Green Print) printer, we carry all those practices into our daily routines.


What this means for you, is access to a local printing company, suitably qualified and able to handle all your printing requirements in an environmentally friendly way with no compromise on quality, and the additional benefit of receiving Willprint’s excellent service.

If you are looking to reduce the carbon footprint of your business,
come and see the friendly staff at Willprint Shepparton. We can
show you a comprehensive range of recycled paper, card and


Everyone needs to be taking care of the environment for the current and future generations - Willprint Shepparton has recognised this need and after many months of work, many changes to work practices, the installation of new equipment, the introduction of new processes and the general changing of the way we do things we are now environmentally friendly.

The processes are focused on savings across the board - paper waste - chemical waste and chemical overuse - water usage, power usage.

Please call Willprint Shepparton for an obligation free quotation
or to ask any questions you may have regarding “Green Printing”.


Willprint Shepparton has available a huge range of recycled paper ranging from ‘recycled looking’ paper right through to full gloss paper and board, and also envelopes in recycled material.

Recycled material comes in a wide variety of options in many categories  ranging  from  part  recycled  to 100%  recycled, sustainable  forest  management,  environmental  management systems, bleaching processes, pH levels, acid free, FDA approved.

Forest  Stewardship  Council  certificate,  Programme  for  the
Endorsement Forest Certification (PEFC) plus more. Also available
are laser guaranteed and laser and inkjet guaranteed stocks.

Envelopes- Recycled envelopes available at Willprint.